X100 under heavy winter conditions (-20C or less)

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Artifacts / corruption at -10C

zyghom wrote:

I've been recently using X100 in the winter conditions and I'm quite surprised how good it responds to them. No lags, no steam on lens.

The only issue is: battery's short live.

But having 3 with me I'm quite ok.

So far I've tested it up to -20C (real temperature) with heavy wind (so the perception could be even lower one).

I'm wondering if any of you have tested it in the "real" winter like -40C or less (in the mountains of course). Himalaya? Others?

Let's share please. For sure DSLR is not the choice for me when I have a dozen or so on my back. And the X100 is always in the leather case on my neck. Even without the lens cap.

Few pics from yesterday here: Kolakchal Peak, Iran, -20C


Lovely pictures!

The conditions here in Helsinki are not quite as arctic as over there, but I've noticed an annoying problem with the X100 that seems to be related to cold weather.

For example, yesterday I was out shooting in the -10C weather for an hour or two, and towards the end of the session almost every one of my photos exhibited the following problem:

This is an out-of-camera JPEG. The only post processing I did was a slight Levels bump in Photoshop, since the photo was a tad under-exposed. The exact same corruption exists in .RAF file too.

I'm quite certain that this is related to the temperature, as I've never had the issue at warmer weather. Under-exposed photos seem to be the ones that are most heavily affected, but like I said, towards the end of yesterday's shooting session practically every photo - regardless of exposure - came out like this.

Anyone else run into this with the X100?

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