Calling all D600/700 owners

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Re: Calling all D600/700 owners

I have both of these cameras and both of them can produce some great photos but up until today I was really unsure which camera I favour the most.

I wanted the D600 mainly because of the better dynamic range and I am so impressed in the way I can recover highlights and shadow areas when editing my RAW files, it's much better in this regard than the D700. Also I love the way I can crop a RAW file by half and still have plenty of pixels left to produce a wonderful Jpeg image.

The AWB is so much better than the D700 and I find I rarely have to alter the default setting.The only thing that has taken me time to work out was how to get nice sharp photos, with the D700 with all my lenses it produces a very sharp photo. With the D600 I felt the photos were a tad soft looking and lacking sharpness.

Today I Fine Tuned all my lenses using Reikan CoCal software and I was suprised with some of the results and adjustments I had to make but the end result was great, now my photos are nice and sharp similar to my D700.

My Nikon 24-85mm f3.5-4.5 lens needed -2 at 24mm and + 4 at 85mm, I decided to set it at +4 as I was finding the longer length of 85mm was pretty soft, now this lens is perfectly sharp and clear even at the wide end.

The 28-105mm lens needed -7 adjustment globally and my 50mm f1.8G needed -1.

So I really think when you buy this camera you need to have good lenses and make sure you Fine Tune them to get the best out of the camera, with the D700 it's less picky.

I laugh at all the dust and oil problems, I have had them but once I learnt how to wet clean the sensor myself it's become a non issue for me. I noticed today there is about 3 more marks top left hand side of the sensor so I might have to get the Pec Pads and Ecipse fluid out again, in all about a 5 minute job.

I seem to be grabbing the D600 more when I go out to do some shooting but my D700 is a great camera and I will never part with it.

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