"Producer of popular gun-related videos found fatally shot"

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Re: "Producer of popular gun-related videos found fatally shot"

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I bet anti 2nd Amendment people killed him using a gun!

"Ratliff was co-owner of FPS Industries, whose website says it "is proud to be world leaders in product development and testing for hard use firearms shooters."


whats with the flashlight?

I really hope they catch the killer soon...

The flashlight is a homemade silencer.

Maybe he ate lunch at "The Karma Cafe".

A silencer with ammunition well over the speed of sound? The crack made by the bullet breaking the sound barrier is very very loud and you cannot stop that.

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What? you never hear of hand loaded ammunition?

And there is a difference between a "supressor" and a "silencer" .

But I suspect that is just a flashlight he's got on there.

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Yes, it is a flashlight attached to the side of the barrel instead of underneath.

A suppressor is sometimes used to counteract the kick from firing a gun. Some of them are used as flash spreaders.

A poor mans silencer.... A one litre plastic pop bottle with open end placed over the barrel and fire thru the bottom.... one time use.

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A Suppressor does not "counteract the kick from firing a gun" it eliminates the flash that comes out the end of the barrel so the "snipers" position can not be given away by it.

And it is not a flashlight attached to the side of the barrel - it is a homemade silencer that is screwed onto the threaded barrel. There are brass washers silver-soldered at 5mm intervals inside the alloy body of the torch with holes through the centre with clearance 3mm above the calibre of the projectile that create chambers that trap the blast  and "SOME" but not all of the noise.

The first shot through them is hardly reduced at all but any shot after that is somewhat silenced but they can not match the Industry made ones for guns of this calibre

Believe me!!! I have made and used them before. On a simple .22 they work very well and even better with SubSonic rounds.

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