D700 prices seem very high

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Re: D700 prices seem very high

One one hand, the camera is a tool... on the other hand...

The D700 is a very comfortable camera with a high degree craftsmanship for lack of a better word. It just feels like a nice sturdy high quality machine. It's a pleasure to shoot. The shots look amazing on the LCD screen also, which is a little bit of instant gratification. I loved it immediately after I picked it up. Same with the 70-200 and 14-24 f2.8.

The D600, I've read a lot of great things about it, I've also picked it up many times in the camera store... and I'm just not quite pleased with it. The pictures may come out better, zooming in on a large monitor probably picks up better detail, but it feels like a step backwards, and I'm just not cozying up to it. I'm pretty much convinced that I would not be happy with the D600.

The D800 may be a different story. It feels certainly feels like a newer and more sophisticated camera. Having the latest and greatest appeals to me. I've considered selling the D700 to get a D800, but I still don't know, it may suit me better for motosports with the extra reach.

But... if there was a D700 version of the D4 (rather than the D3 it currently is), especially if they left out the video, that's a whole different story. I wouldn't hesitate.

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