Back to the beach

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Daniel Lauring
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Re: Back to the beach

I like them all...especially the mother/daughter shot.  Mostly, I'd change the cropping a bit.

1.  Crop kid's to left of frame...either during shot or in post.  Maybe crop out sky altogether or slightly different angle for same effect.

2.  Crop and bottom.  Remove green from background with crop and maybe desaturation and targeted blur.  Blur or clone out people in background.

3.  Really nice as is, but might crop a little less off top.  Not a fan of fake faded picture edge effect.

4.  Normally you wouldn't center sun but it works well in this shot with lower elements.  Might try a bit of HDR effect with this one.

5.  Would crop a little more from rhs of this one...even if it left the shot an nontraditional size.  Would crop out all of dark element to right of white in the upper rhc.  That helps keep eye from being drawn to white object and away from your daughter's eyes.

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