What's the deal with the 1/30th shutter speed.

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Why dont you put it in manual mode and use auto iso?????

93octane wrote:

I noticed that my X-E1 won't drop below 1/30th using my 18-55 kit lens using Auto ISO, but if I switch from auto iso to regular ISO the shutter will drop accordingly to low light conditions. Then I switch it back to auto iso and the shutter doesn't get stuck at 1/30th. At first I thought it was because I had selected RAW, or DR 200, but it only hovers over the 1/30th now and then not always. Even after I turn it off and on it works fine. Is it something that I'm doing that I can't duplicate or something wrong with the camera?

Why dont you guy put it in manual mode and set the shutter speed??? In manual mode you can change the SS by 1/3's on the screen and the auto ISO works like its supposed to. I set mine to 1/125-1/250 with auto iso and what ever aperture i want and im good to go.

I really dont understand why people would have a problem with this.... Its nice and easy. I never have to worry about to low of a shutter speed. If the meter is off i adjust the on screen shutter speed to 1/160 or 1/200th, or go down to 1/100th or 1/80th depending on what i want.

Just use manual mode!!! No FW update is needed.....If you have the camera pick the shutter speed, then you have to live with that i guess.

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