Depth of Field Difference (m43 v DX) - An Example

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Re: Depth of Field Difference (m43 v DX) - An Example

As a prospective MFT buyer, I find these posts comparing DOF differences for equivalent field of view helpful.  I currently have 3 cameras with different sensor sizes (5D, NEX-5N, S95) and it's nice to see the 'parameters' of how much DOF you have to work with in each case. Thanks OP.

However, some of the replies that follow in every format comparison thread are overly defensive of MFT for no reason and seems like some weird inferiority complex.  People go so far as to attack shallow DOF photography in general as a crutch or fad, suggesting that mature photographers don't need as much subject separation, which is really beside the point of the thread.

Then there are those who post pictures where the frame is filled with the subject (household items or pets) just to show you can knock out the background, which is not impressive.  I can do the same with my S95 but the resulting pictures are quite boring (and Flickr is littered with them).

The best replies seem to come from those who own and use multiple formats.  They recognize that each format has its strengths and weaknesses without blindly defending one over another.  Smaller formats can't replicate the look of larger formats, but you use them for different reasons (size, portability, cost).  Why not just leave it at that and appreciate the comparison threads for what they are?

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