Need exposure advice

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Donald B
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Re: Need exposure advice

Florida Nature Photographer wrote:

I'm in the final stages of sending my Christmas pictures to my family.

I notice that many of my pictures that look great on my new IPS monitor look overexposed on my old TN monitor. There is a noticeable difference on every photo but it isn't always a noticeable negative.

I calibrated both types of monitors at 80 cd based on advice from a video tutorial I watched.

Should I just expose for my good monitor and let my family see what may be a overexposed photo or should I compensate?

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when i shoot a dance school, i set the skin tones about in the middle of the histagram or push the exposure for the whites to about 90% of the scale as to not clip them. then it doesnt matter whos screen is out.

cheers don

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another year has gone, just cleared my 200 gallery images will start all over again, thanks to everyone that took the time to look.

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