E-M5: some frames way too dark

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Re: E-M5: some frames way too dark

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I have a strange occasional problem with my E-M5 recently: sometimes a frame comes out far darker than the aperture/shutter speed/ISO speed/lighting combination should give, or even totally black. In some tests, a sequence of three frames of the same subject a few seconds apart at the same manually set f-stop and shutter speed and same ISO speed, some are far darker than others. IIRC, in this case it is always worst in the first frame of the sequence. The problems is usually in bright light with high shutter speeds (1/1000s to 1/2000s) and ISO 200, but has also happened at least once at the other extreme: low shutter speed and high ISO 3200. The problem is seen equally with in-camers JPEG and raw files.

Any ideas other than a malfunction of the shutter?

Could it be a firmware glitch?

Has anyone had a similar experience, or better yet, solved it?

P. S. No, the lens cap is not on! (live view avoids that mistake.)

I have already read about that a few times. Sounds like a sticky shutter. One forumer told it went worse with time and he had his camera serviced.

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Sticky shutter? Sounds flashy and strange. Sticky shatter gives partially exposed frame. If there is a glitch, there high probability of flaky motherboard hardware.

From all accounts, this success mostly at very high speeds (1/2000 or 1/4000) in burst mode. At such speeds, the second curtain follow the first very closely and the sensor is exposed through a thin slit. If the first curtain is sticky, the second one catch up and depending how sticky or how slow the first curtain was, the camera would produce either a dark frame or an underexposed one. In this sense, sticky would mean that the first curtain was stuck for a while before starting to move, but that it moved nevertheless, perhaps only because it was pushed by the second curtain catching up (case if the black frame)

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Thank you, it makes sense: two curtains move together with a little to no gap between. It might happen, but other options are valid too.

My personal experience with dark frame are: every time it was my mistake while taking shots in M mode or with flash that did not fired in full.



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