Wide Aircraft Cockpit Photography Advice.

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Re: Wide Aircraft Cockpit Photography Advice.

Hey planeshooter. I also love aviation and have the 10-22 and shoot with a 40d. I used to work for the airlines for many years in flight dispatch and just do part time flight instructing these days. What I have found is that cockpits demand a balance of light inside and outside for the best shots. As you well know you are quite restricted as to space. As wide a lens as possible is generally the best. The 10-22 has been a very good choice for me.  Someone mentioned a tele, but I can't image a situation where that would be used inside a cockpit, although a 70-200 is useful for shooting subjects outside the aircraft.

In my experience a tripod is not necessary, and is very difficult to use in an airplane. I use an external flash in a bounce mode with a diffuser on the head to soften the light. It works very well. And the camera is able to balance the exposure to get what is outside as well if that is what you want. It results in a well lit image that is balanced. Your 580 EX should be excellent for this. I just use an old 380EX and it is just fine for my purposes. You could dial the camera ISO to 800 and also use a an f8 setting, but in truth I never worry too much about it. I also agree with the maximum brightness on the panel instruments. Also, there might be occasions where you will not want to use flash, for example with a night shot. For those just dial up the ISO and experiment a bit, but these cameras are capable of excellent results for that as well.

You really have some wonderful opportunities here. And you have all the equipment you need. Just get a diffuser for the 580EX. All the best of luck with it.

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