Shutter button knobs for RX1?

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Re: Shutter button knobs for RX1?

tesilab wrote:

I urge all to consider the ergonomic benefit of the convex buttons. I really prefer the look of the concave buttons myself. But there is a big benefit in NOT using your fingertip to press the shutter. Expanding on what I said in the prior post: It is both more comfortable to extend your index finger (see photo above) rather than be forced to curl it to find the button, and the shutter squeezing method is a more stable technique for two reasons. First of all the motion itself can be smoother. Secondly, there is an instinctive jerking reflex that comes with knowing exactly when you triggered the release, and this will suppress that response.

Thanks tesilab. I've been researching this as well. It seems like the real and original advantage of soft releases was particularly with mechanical shutter releases. Even with the Match Technical concave Bop, there is the advantage that the button sits up in the air, so the finger is definitely in a more comfortable position than without it. I also do not have to "search" for the shutter release with my finger (this was my original desire to seek out a solution). This concave button is very comfortable and is the perfect size... looks like it was made for the camera (Bip... not so much). Might it be costing me a 1/3 of a stop vs. a Bip? Maybe, but there remains debate. I use it similar to the Bip guidance as I typically have my index finger hanging over it with the tip of my finger resting on the PASM dial and I am gently squeezing with closer to my 1st knuckle than pushing down with the tip of my finger.

Key is to buy a quality soft release... the better ones are brass as the soft metal grips (allegedly, but not my experience) but does not get stuck nor snap off. Other metals are more prone to issues. I was having an issue when I first got it that even if I screwed it firmly on, in not too much time I would find it unscrewing. I did some research there as well and the recommended solution is to coat the threads with clear nail polish and screw on when still wet or tacky. I've done so and now have no issue of it unscrewing. Some have suggested the nail polish can hold for years... but a quick forceful turn of the release can break the seal if you want to take it off.

To each their own...

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