Thinking of returning my OMD

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Re: Thinking of returning my OMD

Dubious1 wrote:

Hi All,

I recently bought my OMD as a step up from my Panny LX5.

I wanted to avoid the bulk of a traditional SLR and generally poor "live view" operations.

My still shooting requirements are mainly of family and friends.

I also want a camera that has decent video capability; again mainly for short clips of family and friends.

Most of my photos are of my 3 year old child.; the LX5 was not quick enough to keep up.

I was aware of the continuous shooting and focus tracking limitations of the OMD (and all CDAF based systems) but hoped that the OMD would nonetheless be capable of capturing a 3 yr old child's movements. I would not consider this requirement to qualify as high speed action photography where obviously a PDAF based camera would be better suited.

The OMD seems to be a great camera apart from this limitation with a great set of lenses. I bought it with the 12-50 kit zoom as this was the only way of getting the camera at short notice. If I keep the camera I intend to replace this with the Panny 12-35 f2.8 zoom.

Should I return it and buy an SLR instead or consider something along the lines of the Sony Nex6 with the LA-AE2 adapter or a Sony SLT camera?

Any help appreciated.



Get a flash;  practice ! !

- thats it.


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