What if X-S1 release PRO version?

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Re: it almost exists, but not in Fuji land ...

Midwest wrote:

Kim Letkeman wrote:

Midwest wrote:

I will venture a guess Kim that you've found Panasonic produces a very nicely made and reliable camera that doesn't need to be sent back for fixing. That was my experience with the three that I had at least.

So far, I cannot say that I have a single complaint

And ... as far as how well they are built ... well ...


They work right, out of the box and beyond. From my Panny days I don't recall any cameras that had the forum buzzing with people sending in this or that model for repairs or fixes. That is why I've always been bemused by people repeatedly getting a camera fixed because they like the styling.

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We have a TZ-1, that has rolled around in my wife's purse for years. The case is all beat up, it's been dropped a lot, and my 5 yr old boy now uses it. It works flawlessly. The metal case is extremely durable.

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