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Re: wireless router recommnedations

DHCP Reservation (a.k.a. other names) may be useful...

I have several PCs, tablets, printers etc on my home network, and (too) frequently it was a hassle for Photoshop etc to find the right printer. For reasons now lost in the mists of time, I posited that these problems were due to IP addresses being changed unexpectedly. So I decided to use fixed IP addresses. But doing that required intervention at each IP-connected device.

Then I added more devices and needed a router with more WiFi ports, so bought a D-Link DIR 632. While setting that up, I discovered that it has a feature that D-Link calls "DHCP Reservation" (other vendors have a similar facility with a different name).

This maintains a table (configurable by the router's Admin), in the router, of MAC addresses paired with IP addresses. When a device connects, the router looks at its MAC, and if it finds it in the table, it assigns the IP address in that table entry. If the requesting MAC is not in the reservation table it behaves in the traditional way.

This means that 'permanent' devices don't get their IP addresses changed on the fly, and I don't need to visit my PCs, tablets & printers to control their addresses.

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