Lens/camera Buying HELP!!!

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Re: Lens/camera Buying HELP!!!

Agree with you, as I myself always try to stay away from v 1.0 on most things, but specially with cars!

But K5-IIs is the third generation  The original k-5 had some stained sensor problems that were fixed very fast but the old SAFOX system was never upgraded to improve the auto focus. I think it has been corrected with the K5-II.

But you have made also a good decision. The Tamron 70-200 2.8 is a good option.  I am considering (still) to buy the Tamron 24-70mm VC for the Canon FF. I have a model photo shoot at the end of January and will need a medium length zoom  by then.

Regarding the k-01 I almost ordered one myself a couple of weeks ago, but went back to sleep and next day I changed my mind. I am still debating between k-01 and the k5II.  I tried the Olympus EP-L for a while and didn't get used to the long zooms using the back screen. Then, I feel I am more of a eye view finder person, as I need to fully focus on the shot looking trough the viewfinder.  My vision is mostly dominated by my left eye, so I  need to close my right eye for shooting.  But for general photography, a more relaxed experience, I believe  the k-01 is the best deal (quality/functionality/price) out there. Congratulations on your purchase and I hope you really enjoy it.

"Problem" now is I can afford to wait for the successor of the K-5 II. Then I don`t have the pressure to buy one but also at the same time I need the advantages of the APS-c system. That's when  I find myself always going  back to square 1 and thinking about spending only the $400 (Canada) on the k-01.

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