Do you think the image of SD14(SD15/DP1/2) is cleaner than that of SD1m(DP1m/2m) ?

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To answer your question in a word Yes, I believe the SD15 to be the best over all Sigma DSLR and the DP2x the best over all DP camera.

Then, I need to ask what you mean by overall in this context.

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The SD15 is faster the IQ is as good as the SD1m when making images up to 30x36.  At small image size you won't see the difference.  The SD15 focus is better and with the SD15 I don't have  to purchase the best lenses to get better results.  If I'm in the Studio shootings for max resolution large prints, shooting slow with one lens and I use the SD1.  If I'm in the field shooting fast I use the SD15 with my normal lenses, but if I'm on an assignment in bad weather shooting fast I use another system but I bring my Sigma's along.  My SD15 just works no issues unless you shoot above ASA 1600 in low light.

There 's more but you get the idea.

Have fun

Roger J.

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