Not giving up on Olympus just yet!!

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Re: Not giving up on Olympus just yet!!

Agree completely.

I went to the store and held an OM-D and a Nikon D7000.

Although the OMD  more than met my wishes I walked out with the Nikon. I had a strong feeling of distrust and revulsion holding the Oly. I remember thinking, "when are they going to abandon this one."  I had a feeling of security with the Nikon. Ill hang on to my Oly lenses long enough to see what they have up their sleeve but I don't expect much.

Stacey_K wrote:

Chris Mak wrote:

Even if Olympus releases a breakthrough camera eventually, they will have lost a lot of loyal users, there's now way around that.


The other thing is people feel "burned" watching the resale value of a multi thousand dollar investment turn into pennies on the dollar because of this. It would make most people very skeptical about investing into future product lines.

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