HDR always turns out blurry

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Re: HDR always turns out blurry

TStott wrote:

I don't have Photoshop.

I've tried the Canon Digital Photo Professional and the lightroom plugin Enfuse. In any case even using the auto align the result always comes out blurry? I tried using mirror lock up in case the camera was shaking during the multiple exposure shots but that didn't make a big difference.

Any thoughts? The blur is just a general muddiness of the picture..

When I started, I had exactly the same problem. You have not mentioned the camera (how are you bracketing) and if you are using a tripod, you should. Make sure that the tripod head is strong enough. If you do not have remote for taking the photo, use the timer.

Most modern IS lenses detect if the lens is mounted on a tripod or not.

Photomatix has fantastic aligning feature (including ghosting when things move). It's so good that you can do HDR handheld w/o any tripod.

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