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It looks like DigitalDepotOnline may have spawned a new retail front.  I looked for anything negative on CloseoutDigital but found nothing.  I began purchasing a Nikon lens from CloseoutDigital and they charged the transaction as DigitalDepotOnline.  After awhile, CloseoutDigital called and said that Visa had declined the transaction.  I called Visa to see what might be the problem and I was transferred to Visa's legal department.  I was told that DigitalDepot has a scam rating on a scale from 1 to 1000 of 991.  They would not process the charge.  They suggested I close my account because CloseoutDigital has everything to try repeated charges of smaller amounts and then it would be a dispute situation.  They're sending me a new card.

A more complete version is available on Ripoff Report.  I had posted a review on Reseller Ratings but CloseoutDigital complained to them and they took it off.

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