Darn! A dust bunny after 3 years on my D300s!

Started Jan 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
Rockwallaby Regular Member • Posts: 480
Re: Darn! A dust bunny after 3 years on my D300s!

Your post brought a smile to my face Jim.  There are so many posts in the Nikon forums about how people "need to" clean their sensors regularly.

Like you, I have a D300 and a D300s.  I got the D300 when it was introduced and the D300s is about 2 years old.  Between them they have racked up about 250,000 shots out in the field with an average 10 lens changes per day out in the open air.  To date, neither sensor has needed to be "wet cleaned".  Yes I have had some dust bunnies but have only used the rocket blower a half dozen times to fix the offending items.

I had a D200 prior to the D300 and never even had to use a rocket blower on that.

Like you, fingers crossed that we will get the same level of performance from the D400.

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