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alimey4u2 wrote:

Hi All, I thought I would share this with you...

I have an old Nikon Pistol-Grip Model 2/II with MC-3 Coiled Cable that I used on my MD4 motor drive. I found it quite handy using it with my 50-300mm Nikkor on a monopod. I wasn't happy with the modern MC-25 adapter cable as it became a tangled mess & didn't allow the focusing indicator function.

However I have since modified it for use with my D700.

Bought a Chinese made 10 pin plug/cable (3 conductor) on E-Bay & went about the task. To my joy the MC-3 cable mechanical junction connector has 3 contactor leaves. After desoldering the existing 2 conductor cable, I soldered the ground ( black wire) to the base contact leaf, the white ( focus) to the center & the red ( shutter release) to the rear contact ( all must be shorted together for shutter release.)

I now have remote focus indication & shutter release in a very clean ergonomic package.. Happy daze... :0)

I did this modification recently with an MC-3A cable. Although my wire colors were different, the mod worked great. In fact, I just posted a blog post about this.

I was surprised that I can now operate the camera using either hand. Seems like this mod would be great for someone with a disability in their right hand or arm as the camera can be operated left-handed.

I would appreciate any feedback or comments over at the blog.

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