DPP or Aperture.

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Re: DPP or Aperture.

Hey everyone,

Thanks for the suggestions. I went ahead and bought Aperture 3. I had used the trial version and got used to it. And since I'm mac and used iPhoto for storage in the beginning, and after trying Aperture everything just felt good to me. DPP never felt good to me.

And as I've mentioned many times here, I'm just not a big sit at the computer and process kind of guy. I've just gotten a little frustrated recently in my quest for great photos. I've decided to just relax a little bit and get back to enjoying the process and not worry so much about the best of anything. I think I've been pushing too hard.

I don't know about lens correction. So the finer points of Lightroom or some of these others would have zero effect on me. I don't know much, but I do know when to just stop and fall back on what I HAVE learned and rely on that. So that is what I'm doing. And Aperture will be just fine for me.

Just as an aside, in order to use Aperture 3 I had to upgrade to Mountain Lion 1.8.2. That was an experience in itself. But my question to all the Mac and Mountain Lion users, does anyone know who took or where Apple got those photos in Mountain Lion for the screen savers? They are incredible.

Thanks again.

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