"Producer of popular gun-related videos found fatally shot"

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Re: "Producer of popular gun-related videos found fatally shot"

Chato wrote:

Mentor_1 wrote:

A silencer with ammunition well over the speed of sound? The crack made by the bullet breaking the sound barrier is very very loud and you cannot stop that.

All firearms will break the sound barrier.

I have no idea if that is actually a silencer. All silencers are gadgets made to reduce the speed of the bullet so that it ​doesn't break the sound barrier.


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Believe me, it IS a homemade Silencer. And silencers do not affect the velocity of a bullet in any way at all Dave, they  diffuse the pressure (Sound) wave that follows the projectile as it leaves the confines of the barrel. And the bang made by a gun has nothing to do with the projectile breaking the sound barrier.

Why he would want to silence such a weapon is beyond me.

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