I have 2 D800s and unfortunately they only work in studio....

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Re: I have 2 D800s and unfortunately they only work in studio....

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Are you taking about going into a menu and selection 9,21,51? or on the camera where you selecting it with a switch by LCD?

In any case in the menu it is set at default 51 but on the camera switch it is moved to 9 and pretty much always stays there. I do shoot like 95% of the time with a single center point and do a lot of focus and recompense. These are the settings I have on just sold D3 and now on D3s with perfect results

Then its user error ! What you choose there is dynamic autofocus and not single point

autofocus..... the camera in dynamic autofocus can and will override the af point that you select if there is something with a higher contrast next to it or in case of dynamic with tracking it will follow what you have selected first over the whole frame depending on the movement of the camera or the subject....

If you want to select a specific area that you want to be IN FOCUS you need to either use

S for single (in af-c mode) or AFS ( it only has S mode) in that case it holds the value if you hold the release button until

you take your finger off the shutter.....!!


We are talking different issues I am sorry Peter, I don't know what I was thinking ( guess frustrated with all of these ) on the D800 there is no a on a body switch like it is on D3s. There is a tho bottoms u have to use to select either auto or single point, it was selected always at a single point


THe switch on the D4 and the D800 is different... you press the button to cycle between af-s and

af-c with the back wheel and you swith through the modes of both af-c and af-s with the front wheel

Either one of the modes AF-c and AF-s you MUST set it to S to have exact focus points..

every other setting can bias to other focus points...

THe D3s only has seperate switches which is combined it a different way in thne D4 and D800...


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