Help. Can anyone explain this?

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Re: Help. Can anyone explain this?

victorian squid wrote:


  1. can you see "normal" images on camera?
  2. how are you transferring?
  3. do it again, and do it different (if via reader, do it via camera - or vice versa)

Normally, images that write badly to a card look something like "white noise" on part or all of an image. It's not at all unusual (sadly) for an SD card to write poorly, one reason I do RAW + JPEG on my 60D when traveling. I've had RAW go bad, where the JPEG image is fine.

I tend to think this might have been a transfer issue, but it could still be the card.

Did I say I hate SD?

If I didn't, I hate SD.

In almost 10 years I've never once had a bad image on a CF card. SD more than I can count. They can be tough little suckers though, I'll give 'em that.

    Thanks everyone for the quick replies.  I was kind of panicking there.

    The images look fine on the camera.  I transferred them using the built in card reader on my (pretty old) pc.

    I tried copying, via the card reader, a couple more times, and different images -- both when viewed in the folder I copied them to and when viewed on the pc directly from the card -- showed that "effect" at different times.

    Sounds like maybe the card reader is bad as you've suggested.  That's kind of a bummer because it's so convenient.  But I'll try transferring directly from the camera in the future.



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