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Re: Simple question:

Richard Franiec wrote:

Would you buy Foveon sensor implemented into Canon 5DMkIII (or if you like Nikon D800) and if not, why?



Hi Richard.

I personally would say no.

Although i have liked the ergonomic feel and the handling of Nikon SLRs the biggest reason i would prefer to stick with a Sigma body is purely down to the lack of clutter and ease of use.

This is mainly due to a limited amount of menus and buttons to have to contend with.

A good example for me is when i use the mirror up function which is so easy to set on the Sigma body and can be set without having to enter any menus.

There are a few features such as live view i would like but for me i like to keep the camera body simple and Sigma have always done this.

As for the Canon 5DMkIII i can't really comment as i have never used one before.

Kind regards Lea.

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