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WD wrote:

I have "thank you" for your excellent post. It was extremely helpful as I've vacillated over purchasing a used D700. Being a longtime DX user and current D300 shooter, the ergos and AF performance of the camera and its utter reliability have kept me from purchasing anything new. I've been satisfied with the image quality for the most part, but would like to take advantage of the viewfinder, higher iso lower noise, and DOF that FX offers over DX. Careful "pixel peeping" has shown me that the D600 isn't THAT much better....I don't print over 20"x30" and try to frame accurately when shooting...and the D800 is just way more than I need. Price is also a factor, so used D700 seems ideal. Being so similar in layout should also be a benefit.

I've been using the d300 and d700 as a pair, since the d700 came out.  For me, there simply isn't a better way to go, because I have the best of both worlds.  Yes, the newer cameras do offer better performance in the sensor, but that doesn't mean the d700 is trash.  IMO, it is still relevant because it's the ONLY high speed, high performance FX camera available below the d3/d4 series, especially when you consider the price.  More importantly, it still produces wonderful images.

One of the best things about the d700 is that it has an almost identical feature set to the d300. You'll be able to switch back and forth between the 2 cameras and not miss a beat. The d700 does have a shutter curtain, which is sorely lacking on the d300 for some stupid reason.   So, when I know I'll need a shutter curtain, I tend to pick up the d700 unless I need the higher pixel density of the d300.

I just purchased a d800, but my d700 and d300 aren't going anywhere. I'll use each to their strengths and continue to enjoy the best of both worlds. I don't want to bash the d600, but after owning a d7000 for a year, I have no interest in the reduced feature set.

good luck


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