I have 2 D800s and unfortunately they only work in studio....

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Re: I have one D800 and it only works in daylight with no AF calibration

rayman 2 wrote:

bloomoose wrote:

I like my D800 and like you I get wonderful results in the studio and wherever there is daylight available.

In incandescent light, the AF is off more than +20 and cannot be fine tuned. So all my lenses front focus and there is nothing sharp in the picture when light is yellowish. Blue is no problem. I photograph rehearsals on a regular basis and the AF is spot on in near darkness with some blue spots.

I shared this with Michael Tapes´ forum on LensAlign and FocusTune which I find great tools for calibrating my lenses via AF finetuning.


I also contacted Thom Hogan, but he says, the values are off way too much.

On the German forum I frequent there are numerous people who will test their lenses for different lighting and will use values like -4 or -10 for incandescent. But with the D7000 and D800 users, it´s different. Event photographers will be the ones to find out first, something is wrong and send in their D800s with Nikon trying to repair them. But they will only use daylight lighting.

I hope, this helps. Fanboys chiming in and calling us idiots will not help

phoman wrote:

under control lighting, I have shot with them weddings this past year and it was a nightmare. I have finally sent one to NIkon for check up/repair but as I hear here and elsewhere the cameras that are coming back from them still have problems. I am going to sell one on eBay and keep the other just for studio work bcuz seriously there is no better 35mm camera then D800 when it comes to studio work ( my opinion ) for anything else to me the D800 not reliable very sadly. I am going to pick up second hand D3s for this year weddings to pair it up with my D3s since I hear and read reports that the D4 has same issues as D800....perhaps the D4s will do it?

So much to the d4 and the D800 and incandiscent light and focus error...

as you can see with then 85 1.4 g at 1.4 and af-s with the center point at the test target its right spot on......

so we dont have that behaviour.....with good Nikon glass..


Peter, this photo is a clearly high contrast, easily lockable for AF even in poor light. My gripe is the D800 is no where near as good as the D3s was, in LOW contrast situations, even where light isn't too bad, especially bad at distance and wide open.

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