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yray wrote:

Vincent O'Sullivan wrote:

yray wrote:

You'll get a whole lot more reach with a DX camera...

"Reach" is not related to whether a camera is FX or DX, only to the pixel density of the sensor. Some DX cameras have greater reach than some FX cameras, some less. A denser pixel arrangement results in sharper pictures (all else being equal), which is all "reach" is.

The D7000 has a 16.8 MP sensor. The 24MP D600 has a 16.2 MP sensor (in DX mode). The 36MP D800 has a 24.2 MP sensor (in DX mode).

On this basis, the DX D7000 has (fractionally) more "reach" than the FX D600 but a lot less "reach" than an FX D800.

No, I don't think this is correct. The 1.5 crop factor refers to both dimensions, not just a single linear one, which is why D7000 has the same pixel density as D800 (16 * 1.5. * 1.5 = 36), while D600 in DX mode has the same pixel density as a DX camera with native resolution of 24 / 2.25 = 10.7 (about what D200 has).

Yes indeed.  Both you and CFynn are correct.  The DX figures for the D600 and D800 should be around 10.8 MB and 15.4 MB respectively.  This would make the D7000 sharper than the D600, when using the same lens on both cameras but not not noticeably better than the D800 - as far as 'reach' is concerned.

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