EF 17-40mm f/4L or EF 28mm f/1.8 Prime? I own 50mm

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Re: If I had a crop camera, I wouldn't buy the 17-40mm either

JohnMatrix wrote:

rebel99 wrote:

jitteringjr wrote:

I would not buy a 17-40 if I had a crop camera only.

It will be cheaper than the 17-40, faster, stabilized, and even if it is only as good as the current version, it will be sharper than the 17-40.

those are very subjective and misleading statements, without any validity! do you own a 17-40mm f4 lens, have you used one on a crop camera? even if you do, i think it is your experience only, because i have taken some of my best photos with a 17-40mm f4 on 40D crop sensor camera. so, please be careful with your misleading statement because someone may make a decision based on those hollow and untrue views and may never know what a wonderful tele lens this 17-40mm f4 is. here are a few shots with 17-40/40D combo:






The 17-40mm is a great lens but it's slow (f4) and it's not that long (40mm) and it doesn't have IS.

if you consider f4 slow then 1 click faster lens (f2.8) is not going to help you much in dim light  situations (from experience), you still have to crank up the ISO and hopefully you dslr can handle the higher ISO. for dim light situation you have to go to primes with UW f stops to get any help plus high ISO.

The 17-55/2.8 IS is far better value for a crop camera (if you can live without the red ring). It's f2.8, it goes slightly longer, and it has IS.

while this efs tele lens is alright but it is cheaply constructed (wobbly) and a dust magnet, i did play with one for while! oh, and for your f2.8 idea, please read the above!

If I was starting out again with a Canon crop camera and I wanted a standard zoom, those two EF-S lenses would be top of my list.

so, while 17-40mm f4 may not be desirable to everyone, however, to me it has been a very nice and useful lens. efs lenses are ok until you catch the "L" bug, then you'll never look back, just talk to inflicted ones


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