FZ200 with teleconverters - tests and comparison

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Re: Update: Olympus B-300, TCON-17 & Panasonic DMW-LT55 [@ FZ200]

privateman wrote:

kryzt wrote:

Thanks for your reply i've got the LA7 adaptor and the 55-50mm step down ring with it but my image is still very soft and little blury so can you tell me what setup for hand held shot with tc e15ed and fz200 to get a "sharp" image? what about speed, aperture and level of sharpness in the jpg setup?

Maybe your aperture is too wide. Try shooting in A mode, then you should have best results from f/4.0 or f/4.5 to f/6.3.

Have you tried my settings from the E15ED shot in the first posting here?

Yes i saw your settings but i can't have a sharp image except if a put +2 in sharperning but i got too much noise with it and it worked wonderfull with my fz150... so maybe i thinking that is the autofocus can't do his job perfectly with the tc on the fz200... i have to try in manual focus to see that.

But what about the speed? i need to double the speed when i use the tc?

For example actualy weather is very cloudy and sky very gray i can't be over 1/100s without the tc so with tc i need to double the speed?

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