Got to see and hold a GH3 yesterday

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Re: Got to see and hold a GH3 yesterday

MrTaikitso wrote:

Wow, what a beast! Makes the GH2 seem like a toy. Large, heavy (with the 14-140 anyway), grippy and built like a WWF wrestler - with the addition of a brain.

I introduced Lumix Link to the store rep and within seconds he was controlling and shooting with the store demo GH3. See attached picture that I took with my Sony NEX 5R, a stand in until I can afford a GH3. :=) You can see the GH3 on the left on the table, the live image on the iPhone that from the GH3 lens.

The camera menus and WiFi software & firmware on the GH3 blow Sony's embarrassing buggy efforts out of the water.

Panasonic store rep on Tottenham Court Rd, London using iOS Lumix Lnk to control a GH3

Cool stuff.  That's one of the reasons I'm interested in the GH3.  But, the OMD's built-in stabilization is difficult to resist.  If the GH3 had in-body stabilization, I'd buy it for sure.

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