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Re: Help with Nikon Coolscan V ED

Thanks all.  For those that don't have this, the 35mm negative feeds into a feeder (the SA-21) which is much more than just a holder.  It has a motorised track with rollers that pulls the film strip in, positions it, and advances it through the scanner as each succesive frame is scanned.  There are sensors in the feeder too which I guess are used to align the film or sense the break between frames or something.  These may also be responsible for detecting the presence of the film in the first place and might be the problem if they are somehow responsible for rejection of the film strips. Anyway the SA-21 stays in place (you wouldn't take it out unless you want to change for a different feeder/adapter for slides for instance) and makes a very secure mechanical and electrical connection deep within the body of the scanner - so very definately only goes in one way.

You then feed in the negative film, unmounted, into a slot in the front of the feeder which is towards the top of the scanner (not sure what you would do if you had the optionally FH-3 film holder, but I don't have that anyway). Film pushes in a short way until the feeder rollers kick into action and pull it in.  If it likes it, it locks it in and away you go.  If it doesn't like it, it just spits it out again - which is what is happening to me time and time again.

The manual says the film base  side of the film should face up (which as you say is the shiny side), - so that the emulsion side will face down toward the bulk of the scanner which makes sense as thats where all the gubbins will be. Anyway, with each film strip there are basically four ways each strip could be fed - from the first or second end and emulsion down or emulsion up.  As I have played around with this more today (using lots of different negatives - all in perfect condition as far as I can tell) I am now finding that it rejects some strips altogether - however I try to feed it in.  It remains the case though that all those times the film is accepted have alway been the wrong way up (emulsion side up), but I suppose this could just be a coincidence because it does seem odd - there is nothing in the manual to suggest the scanner can actually sense which way up the film is inserted.

Anyway, I am at the point that i think there must be something wrong with the SA-21 feeder - as oppose to the scanner itself.  Whether it has always been like that since the day I bought it, or whether sitting around in a cupboard (unboxed) has allowed dust to get in somewhere and make mischief, I don't really know (I did try and clean the sensor in the SA-21).  Unless I can find somewhere to have the thing serviced, which I believe Nikon no longer do (unless anyone knows different), I think I am at a dead end unless anyone else has a wizzo idea - and I appreciate that must be pretty unlikely unless any of you have been in the same postion.

Thanks again for chipping in and trying to help.

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