Aperture slowing down on 2.66Ghz iMac

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Re: Aperture slowing down on 2.66Ghz iMac

Thanks, all interestung stuff.

I don't geotag the images nor use Photostream or Faces, which everyone says slows it down. I seldom use Firefox but seldom re-boot after I have used it, so that's a handy tip.

So it looks like my plan, in view of all this thread, is to remove lots of old photos onto external HDs to free space, then double-check all my back-ups, then wipe the HD and reinstal the OS etc, then see if that improves things with Aperture.

Then instal more RAM. That way I have tried two approaches (sorting the HD, boosting the RAM) and can see which brings about the most significant improvement.

Then I'll report back. But it won't be for a while because the whole HD cleanup sounds like it will consume time I don't have right now.


Najinsky wrote:

Paul_R_H wrote:

Hi all

I used to run Aperture pretty satisfactorily on the iMac (early 2009 model, 2.66GHz, GeForce 9400 graphics, 4Gig RAM). Now it's gone slow.

After a while HD spins more and more. Activity Monitor shows huge page outs (up 3Gb). Symptoms of bursting out of the available RAM, I'm led to believe. So I should just upgrade to 8Mb RAM?

But I don't want to do that if RAM deficiency isn't the problem. After all, my mid-2011 Air runs Aperture fine, also with 4Gb, though it has an SSD inside. Both are on Mountain Lion and Aperture 3.4.3. And the problem didn't used to be anything like as bad on the iMac. And the camera hasn't changed - Pentax K-5.

So has something else changed over time. Possibles

* library might need de-fragging? (it's not huge - about 84Gb). Can I just do this by deleting it and restoring from one of my vaults?

* library database needs rebuilding? I just did that and it helped somewhat.

* not enough free HD space? (about 70Gb free)

* err - suggestions?

Anyway, if I do need to get more memory I will, but I don't want to do it if anyone thinks there's a simpler solution.



There's always a reason, the issue is whether to spend time hunting it down, or side-step it with an upgrade of some kind.

The SSD in the MBA gives a huge speed boost, and I ran Aperture on a 4GB MBA 2010 model for 2 years with great performance. But there were a few major slow-downs during that time, mostly related to flakey releases of Aperture (3.x would fly 3.y would crawl, 3.z would fly, etc). I posted a few videos when I first got it, which shocked a few people here at how fast it handled 21MP Canon 5D2 files.

It's safe to assume disk performance is one aspect that's bogging you down, and while more memory will likely help, it may only be a 'delay' type of help, for example more memory may delay the point at which you start getting paging related slowdowns, but once you eventually saturate the memory, you'll be using the same disk with the same paging for the same purpose and likely get the same kind of slowdown.

It may be related to other software you are using, for example Firefox is well know for refusing to release its memory cleanly without rebooting, and Flash remains ridiculously inefficient despite numerous upgrades, and Aperture seems to be phoning home a lot more (iCloud/Photostream/Location) and I've noticed a slow internet connection can slow it down and even give the spinning beach balls. Tagging a photo with a location also seems to dramatically increase internet activity. Even if your internet seems fine, many free sites are increasingly upping the interactive advert bandwidth with enhanced graphics and video, and background rolling of content, so there may be more contention for your bandwidth which is affecting Aperture.

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