EF 17-40mm f/4L or EF 28mm f/1.8 Prime? I own 50mm

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If I had a crop camera, I wouldn't buy the 17-40mm either

rebel99 wrote:

jitteringjr wrote:

I would not buy a 17-40 if I had a crop camera only.

It will be cheaper than the 17-40, faster, stabilized, and even if it is only as good as the current version, it will be sharper than the 17-40.

those are very subjective and misleading statements, without any validity! do you own a 17-40mm f4 lens, have you used one on a crop camera? even if you do, i think it is your experience only, because i have taken some of my best photos with a 17-40mm f4 on 40D crop sensor camera. so, please be careful with your misleading statement because someone may make a decision based on those hollow and untrue views and may never know what a wonderful tele lens this 17-40mm f4 is. here are a few shots with 17-40/40D combo:






The 17-40mm is a great lens but it's slow (f4) and it's not that long (40mm) and it doesn't have IS.

The 17-55/2.8 IS is far better value for a crop camera (if you can live without the red ring). It's f2.8, it goes slightly longer, and it has IS.

The 15-85 IS also goes wider and longer than both the 17-40mm and 17-55mm.

If I was starting out again with a Canon crop camera and I wanted a standard zoom, those two EF-S lenses would be top of my list.

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