$2.00 Wired Release from Found Objects....

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Re: $2.00 Wired Release from Found Objects....

Tan68 wrote:


i made a wired release from a cheap cell phone headset with mute button. the mute button functioning like Russell's momentary switch in his Bushmaster..

i don't recall making any menu changes. it just worked. i don't try to focus with it, though. my homemade release only trips the shutter. i have focus set to the AF button so maybe that helps things be more compatible?

Just spent some time testing.

The remote actually worked today, but does not do focus.  That's fine.  I can focus first, then make the shot with release without touching the camera.

The cable.  It can do either focus or shutter release, but not both.  But when the camera shutter button is used or touched, the cable release would stop working.  No response at all.

Must be some contact problems...

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