D800 Viewfinder blurry

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Re: D800 Viewfinder blurry

Glad you are up and running again. I bought Deoxit off eBay here in the UK. Pretty expensive stuff, £16 a can,  but worth it I'm sure. I have also used cigarette lighter petrol which is fairly pure as a solvent for crud on electrical contacts. The key is to always use a tiny, tiny, amount of whatever you use and apply via a cotton bud or similar NOT directly especially from a spray can.

On all my digital Nikons the viewfinder requires power to energize the liquid crystal part of the screen. Look into the viewfinder without a battery inserted and, indeed, all is dark and blurry. It's quite weird the first time you discover this.

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If the viewfinder is going dark and blurred it points to a poor battery or poor battery contacts, however a complete lack of power would not allow the camera to be fired at all. However if there is intermittant contact it might explain the symptoms. Clean the camera battery contacts with Deoxit then insert battery and reinsert a few times to clean the internal camera battery contacts. Use deoxit on cotton buds, do not spray on battery and especially not into your camera. Good luck.

Thanks for the suggestion. Where can I get this Deoxit? Will it be better then denatured alcohol?

It worked!!!

Pulled the battery out and used canned air to blow out the compartment and battery connectors.The connections obviously where compromised with the excessive lens switching threw out the shoot.

Thank you all again. You saved me a lot of aggravation by not having to deal with Nikon repair. I currently have a new 85pc-e lens there. I'm having the tilt and swing modifed. It has been in service since Dec. 12th. It just goes to show you the power and knowledge of this forum. It makes sense to reach out and ask fellow photographers who may have experienced the same situation at one time or another. Or maybe it's just the results of my simple ignorance!! Can't wait to get my new lens back now.


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