Lens recommendations for a 6D

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Re: Lens recommendations for a 6D

Battlemantis wrote:

I see there is a kit deal where the 6D comes with a 24 - 105, is that lens any good?

If you want to buy one lens for your first FF camera, be it a 6D, 5D or 1D family camera, 80% of the time that lens is the 24-105.

The 24-105 on FF is everything and a little more than the 17-55/2.8 EF-S lens on crop. It's wider at the wide and, it's longer at the long end, and it offers ever-so-slightly control over depth of field. While it loses to the EF24-70 II in pure image quality, it still is very good and costs only one third, particularly if bought as a kit lens.

So yes, I'd full-heartedly recommend the 24-105 as the first FF lens. Then you can continue in the direction you'd like to. For me that direction has been (from wide to tele): Samyang 14/2.8, Canon 40/2.8, Canon 100/2.8 Macro, Canon 135/2 (my favourite lens of all times even if it's limited use, plus the Canon 1.4x II extender), Canon 70-300L. If Canon ever gets a proper 50mm lens released I'd might buy that (I've owned Canon's 50/1.8 (should rebuy it from my sister), Canon's 50/1.4 (the self-breaking lens, will never touch that again), and Sigma's 50/1.4 (one of my friends lended it and she liked and used it so much I gave it to her)).

But, naturally, for you the path may be very different. Even my 24-105 recommendation might not be for you. That's the wonder of system cameras: everyone gets to build their own system based on their own requirements!

Kind regards,
- Henrik

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