Anyone been to Cosa Rica?

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Re: Anyone been to Cosa Rica?

JiminDenver wrote:

Great post Craig, thank you.

I think I need to change some of the plans that I can. Honey just pointed at a web site and I got to make it happen. No mention of the fact that it takes 2-4 hours to get from the airport to resort. We went all over the Yucatan with nothing more than a map I couldn't read so I figured I could do it there with a GPS. Now I think it'll be better to spend a night on each end in San Jose and arrange travel. At least we would travel during the day and see things.

Thank you also for the gear recommendations. I didn't even think of a poncho. We saw lots of rain but have usually had heavy coats on at the time.

I know I carry a lot of gear but there is usually not much time to change lenses and if I've been on my feet for very long, I'm too tired to take off the pack and change the lens anyways. I will have the E 5 with the long set up and the E 3 will have either the 7-14 or more importantly macro. I just can't go there and leave that gear home. The 35mm, FL 20 and ring of foam doesn't add much to the bag , the results however make for a very happy bug whisperer. Most of the time I can carry the two cameras and not the bag.

I may have more questions as I research and prepare. I have a whole two weeks! lol

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San Jose is in the middle of the country but not centrally located for many tourists.  There isn't much to see in San Jose, except my in-laws.  Other than that most everything is a few hours away.  Spending a night each way in San Jose is okay--but mandatory the last night as travel can be dicey at times.

Galleria Nemu--a block or two from the Holiday Inn  in San Jose, has the best shopping for crafts and gifts--not cheap but your get what you pay for.  Don't stay at the Holiday Inn.  There are better choices at some smaller places.

San Jose is your typical Latin American city, crowded, ugly and congested, but the climate is superb--3000 ft above sea level and a constant breeze. Tenps go down to about 60 at night a rarely rise above 80 during the day.

Note--as is common in Latin American cities, street names and numbers are rarely used in San Jose. Everything is some place name or landmark. GPS software can guide you, but don't stop and ask for directions unless you speak Spanish and know the landmarks.

If you want to see some nature--fly into San Jose and connect  down the the Osa Peninsula--the most remote and wild part of the country.  stay at a place called Bosque del Cabo.

Lots of people fly into Liberia, Guanacaste Airport, rent a car and do the beaches, Arenal and Monteverde.  Liberia is about 7 or 8 hours west of San Jose.  You can spend a week doing this productively.  Flights into LIR are availabile from gateways in Houston, LA, Miami, and Atlanta.

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