d200 to d600 what will i miss, gain? old d200 users would be appreciated

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Re: d200 to d600 what will i miss, gain? old d200 users would be appreciated

rzakyn wrote:

i have d200 for 7 years, it's a great camera still, except for high iso. from d200 what would i miss in d600. except for rubber grip. i have fx lenses, so i had to make the switch. i bought d600 and still waiting for it to arrive.

what about buffer. with d200 large normal jpg, it can shoot 100 photos without slowing down.

I have a D200 and got a D600 for Christmas. I've been amazed. The dynamic range blows the doors off the D200, as does the high ISO performance. ISO 6400 on the D600 is much better than ISO 1600 on the D200, with much better controlled noise.

Things you might miss relate to the fact that the D600 is a consumer-grade body, and the D200 is a "prosumer" body. The D600 isn't quite as sturdy. (Plus side, it's lighter.) The D600 doesn't have a sync port, which will bother me at some point. I'll have to use a Pocket Wizard or hotshoe adapter. The D600 also doesn't have the 10-pin connector I'm used to on Nikon's higher-end cameras, and some of my self-made shutter release devices don't fit. It does have a different kind of connector, and I found a Phottix shutter release for which you can buy an adapter cable. I bought one of those shutter releases, plus the "N10" cable needed to make it work with the D600. It looks like the N10 cable does what I was able to do with the 10-pin connector: trigger the shutter 1/2 press and full press.

One more thing I discovered that the D600 lacks is the ability to set it to single-servo autofocus, move the AF on function to a different button, and do "focus trap" photography. (Where you hold the shutter down and the camera won't trip the shutter until it detects a sharply focused subject.) On the D600, AF-S only waits for focus before releasing the shutter if AF is active. If you have your lens set to manual, or have AF-on moved to a different button than the shutter release, pressing the shutter takes a picture immediately. This is one I'm going to miss. I used the "focus trap" technique. I used it in macro-photgraphy sometimes.

I haven't really stressed out the autofocus yet. I'm not sure which camera does a better job locking on focus in difficult situations.

I am also still assessing the dust/oil spots situation. My sensor is very dirty already, with only a few hundred (less than 400, based on image naming) pictures taken. It does seem to get really dirty really fast. I bought some cleaning pads and eclipse fluid from Copper Hill and will try to get to a "wet clean" this weekend. I'm hoping this isn't a huge problem. There is a lot of hysteria about this on the net, that's for sure.

Overall, though, the D600 is a big step up from the D200.

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