*** Mini-Challenge 352 - Winners!!! ***

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*** Mini-Challenge 352 - Winners!!! ***

Amazing bunch of entries, with many of them catching my eye

I have been on this DPreview for a while (often silent), and was often frustrated when people post a bunch of Honourable Mentions or long list of photos before awarding the top three. When I realised that I had won the last competition I was intent on just listing the top three.

However after going through the submissions several times, I have to capitulate and have a long list of my fav photos.

So here are my favourites in no particular order:

WilbaW - Great eye shot, especially as DOF removes the background from the shot

Imggmi - Of the portraits this really captured the theme of the "eye"

Dave's snake - I hate snakes, tried to watch "Snakes on a plane" three times but only made it to the first 10mins but really liked this shot

LCLine - Just love the detail in the eyes

JP's Cat - Great use of effects to pull the viewer towards the eyes

Car629's Owl - There were a few owl shots I really liked, this one had great detail

And now for the final 3...

In 3rd

Atoche - Loved the pose

In 2nd

Dave - Kept coming back to this one and each time it moved up the list. Simple shot, well executed

Drum roll.. in 1st Place

WSteveP - An owl had to win, just amazed at their eyes.

Well done to all entries, I showed them to my family and there were "wows" and "cool" far to many times to mention

WSteveP, it's up to you to hold the next Challenge!!!!!

Thanks for letting me hold the challenge


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