FD 3.5 3.5 - 105 is it broken down

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Letsgokoulos Senior Member • Posts: 2,155
Re: FD 35-105/3.5: Varifocal-parfocal zoom...

zibipoland wrote:

As I said I have prime FD lenses, and there's no such problem.

Could it be that it's another case with zoom lenses?

I can't imagine why this would be the case.

But your zoom seems to have a problem if the focus changes when you vary the focal length, though...

How far off are you with the infinity focus on that zoom ? From my experience, most adapters will be slightly off. I suppose there is a 'security' tolerance from the adapter manufacturers. There also is a small error margin from the lenses manufacturers, aggravated by the age of the lenses. Again, it is my experience that if you want accurate infinity on a legacy lens, best is to have a dedicated adapter per lens and to shim this adapter to set the infinity accurately.

YMMV, though.


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