D600 kit from B&H. Did they send a returned camera?

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Re: D600 kit from B&H. Did they send a returned camera?

Rich in CA wrote:


Here are some pics. I received my new D600 this week.
I ordered the D600 kit, memory card & 70-300 lens.
The D600, 32GB Sandisk card and 70-300 lens came in 1 box.
I was a little surprised that the D600 box was not taped shut but everythink looked OK.
None of the setup parameters were programmed when I turned the camera on.
As per page 27 in the manual (Basic Setup) I programmed the language, time zone, date format, DST and then set the date & time.

D600 box, 70-300 lens & memory card

D600 kit


That's actually what I would expect to see an "official" Nikon kit look like. Not some generic white boxes put together by the shipping company.

And no, Nikon's boxes aren't usually "tapped" shut.

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