max aperture ef-s zoom range

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Re: max aperture ef-s zoom range

msowsun wrote:

Henrik Herranen wrote:

i d like to know what is the constant max aperture in the zoom range of the 15-85mm,

SLR Gear's review answers your question:

15-23mm f/3.5

24-34mm f/4.0

35-49mm f/4.5

50-69mm f/5.0

70-85mm f/5.6

Dear Mr./Ms./Hermafrodite msowsun. You misquoted me. I never wrote this. Neither did SLR Gear.

SLRGear is wrong.

No, it isn't. SLR Gear never claimed those figures, and I never claimed those figures. It's just you inventing things. In rethoric it's called the strawman argument: opposing a thing another person never said in the first place.

By giving the original link I wished I wouldn't need to copy&paste, then clean up the SLR Gear table. But after your misquote, I believe I have to:

FL Largest aperture

15mm f/3.5
24mm f/4
35mm f/4.5
50mm f/5
70mm f/5.6
85mm f/5.6

To make it clear for those who didn't understand: these values are NOT limits for focal lengths for a certain aperture. They are just apertures sampled at certain focal lengths. There is a big difference. Saying 24mm maximum aperture is f/4 doesn't tell anything of 23 or 25 mm.

My 15-85 gives the same apertures as quoted below:

The-Dital-Picture.Com says:

15-17mm = f/3.5

18-26mm = f/4.0

27-37mm = f/4.5

38-60mm = f/5.0

61-85mm = f/5.6.

Well, how-goody-doo-de-doo, these figures happen to be 100% compatible with what SLR Gear REALLY said. E.g. 24mm f/4 sampling point is compatible with 18-26mm f/4.

Unless I already mentioned it: I really, REALLY hate being miscorrected. And the only thing I hate more than being miscorrected is being misquoted. So to Mr./Ms./Hrmfrdt. msofhhghurrdurrmoarcheese: next time don't pretend I said something I didn't, could you do that for me, please pretty please.

Oh, and you misspelled "digital".

Not at all kind regards,
- Henrik

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