To back up my D300S?

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Re: To back up my D300S?

lordbeau wrote:

I suppose one is not exactly better off with a D3200 than with a D7000 - it just happens to be cheaper and comes without all the the D7000 problems - or does it? I've not heard any real tales of woe regarding the D3200. I suppose one might as well bite the bullet and get a D800 with the kit lens in the hope that it's a more polished version of the D7000 (but then there are the oil spots etc etc).

One just goes round in circles, waiting for the D400...

i got a d3200 as a backup to my d300 and now feel that was a mistake

just keep in mind that the d3200 only has 1 cross type focus sensor and the others aren't in good positions to be useful

with the d7000 it is just a matter of getting one without focus problems

if you can it would be way better than the d3200

are you feeling lucky

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