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Re: Keith: FS affects relative minority of lenses...

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A note of caution for those demanding AF at maximum aperture , have you ever heard about focus shift problems ? Many lenses including expensive large aperture lenses shift the point of optimum focus when stopped down to smaller apertures.

IF focus is set at the actual shooting aperture this should never happen. Of course other factors may come into play , the difficulties seeng in low light etc so any system adopted is a balance of compromises. in the entire EF and EF-S line of over 100 primes and zooms the FS is present maybe in just two or three - most notably in the EF 50/1.2L (but perhaps in Sony's glass it happens more often?). This low prevalence doesn't warrant IMO such drastic counter measures as to preventing wide open AF'in, and setting closed-down focusing as the only default option.

Esp. for action shooting wide open AF'in brings tremendous benefits - as when speed is paramount every photon counts !!

Only 3 EFS lenses because customers don't want to be stuck with a lens that can only be used on Canon's APSC EOS cameras. Cannot be used on FF cameras.


The primary limitation today is lack of telephoto lens for E-mount that would allow large max aperture. I don't have an issue with this, since I primarily bought into the lineup as a modern day "range finder style" camera. But, I still have the flexibility... via A-mount lenses.

Keit makes a very good point: There is no free lunch.

The "free lunch" for me is my legacy (manual) MC and MD lenses, on a $20 adapter. I can switch these lenses between m43 and NEX. And with focus peaking, they are SO fast and easy to use. My telephoto lens is the Minolta MD 135 f3.5.  The one on my wish list is the legendary Minolta MD Rokkor-X 85mm F2. About 100 bucks.

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