Are the current Fuji prime lenses future-proofed

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Re: Are the current Fuji prime lenses future-proofed

Dailypix wrote:

The three prime lenses out so far are very good. They are sharp and in my opinion should give outstanding results for many years. The X series is something Fuji has invested in heavily and by all appearances will continue to do so.

Nothing is future proof. You could walk off the curb and get hit by a truck (God forbid) at any moment. Just how much better would you prefer the lenses to be? I agree that AF might be improved but for resolution, corner sharpness, all the stuff that matters these lenses are great.

My approach to slow AF: Patience. It actually helps composition as well. I am not convinced that the lenses are limited by their motors. I suspect that an X Pro 2 or 3 which could use the legacy lenses will have the kind of AF detection that will speed up the process regardless of the motors. I base this on the simple fact that most of the delay in getting focus is the "hunting" done in the present camera body.

Your last point was what I was wondering about. I enjoy the X-Pro 1, but I am not a 'techie', so wanted to get one or two views on what you have covered in that last paragraph. I know enough about life that I don't require lessons in the vicissitude of life (getting hit by trucks, etc), but I do recognise my limitations in relation to photography. There are so many knowledgeable people on this forum, which is a generally helpful and supportive one, that I felt confident of some helpful insights, which there have been, including yours. As someone else pointed out above, it costs a lot of money to buy into a new system (I previously used Nikon DSLRs), and it would be reassuring to think that whilst a new camera body might be necessary in a couple of years I would not also have to replace lenses because the internal motors were not up to the potential of any new camera. I'm not losing sleep over it, however, as I, too, recognise that photography is not of existential consequence!

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