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Vincent O'Sullivan wrote:

yray wrote:

You'll get a whole lot more reach with a DX camera...

"Reach" is not related to whether a camera is FX or DX, only to the pixel density of the sensor. Some DX cameras have greater reach than some FX cameras, some less. A denser pixel arrangement results in sharper pictures (all else being equal), which is all "reach" is.

The D7000 has a 16.8 MP sensor. The 24MP D600 has a 16.2 MP sensor (in DX mode). The 36MP D800 has a 24.2 MP sensor (in DX mode).

On this basis, the DX D7000 has (fractionally) more "reach" than the FX D600 but a lot less "reach" than an FX D800.

No, I don't think this is correct. The 1.5 crop factor refers to both dimensions, not just a single linear one, which is why D7000 has the same pixel density as D800 (16 * 1.5. * 1.5 = 36), while D600 in DX mode has the same pixel density as a DX camera with native resolution of 24 / 2.25 = 10.7 (about what D200 has).

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