Pluses and minuses of 5DIII vs. 6D???

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Re: Pluses and minuses of 5DIII vs. 6D???

KENTGA wrote:

A link or comments or side by side comparsions would be appreciated. I have old 5D that I seldom use and 17-40 & 24-105. I am an advanced amateur and mostly shoot outdoors--- landscapes & scenics and no weddings or sports. My goto body is 7D + 17-55 and 40D as a backup.

I am thinking seriously about buying one of the above FF's and I will keep the 7D. I'd appreciate reasons for buying (or not) one over the other other than the obvious difference in $$$. One of my reasons is the 7D is over 3 years old and I'm interested in the newer technology.

Thanks in advance,


If you dont need (near) state of the art AF tracking-- the should 6D be just as good, handling and ergonomics differ slightly, due to size and weight and the lack of joystick.

These cameras share processors-- their image sensors are about as good, the 6D may win a by a hair when it comes to the fact that banding is almost gone completely.

The 5diii may be a bit more rugged and suited for rough treatment. Shutter life is rated higher on the 5diii....


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