How much light does CNTL flash "spill" into scene?

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Re: How much light does CNTL flash "spill" into scene?

sybersitizen wrote:

BTW, the 'huge' amount of light you're seeing from the flash controller is because you're shooting at f/2.8 and ISO 800/1600. Don't do that if you don't want so much extra light in the image. Use normal flash parameters by lowering the ISO and/or closing down the lens.

The "huge" amount of light clearly came as a bounce flash from the main flash pointed up. Note it in the tailing of the exposure on the wall, the sharp cutoff line on the hall floor. Not too surprising the exposure metering system got it pretty close to right on the exposure. That should have been a hint as to what was going on.

Yep, wide open and way excessive ISO is very foolish and wastefull in flash work. Using flash means you don't have to do low light stuff like that.

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